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Vertical Machineing Center
MODEL UNIT D850 D1000 Table Table size mm 1000x560 1150x560 T slots mm 18x5x100 18x5x100 Max. table loading kg 600 600 Travel X/Y/Z - axis travel mm 850/560/560 1000/560/560 Spindle nose to table surface mm 120~680 140~740 Spindle center to column mm - 610 Spindle Spindle transmission   Belt type Belt type Spindle taper   BT-40 BT-40 Spindle speed rpm 8000 8000 Spindle motor kw 7.5/11 7.5/11 Feed X-Y-Z MOTOR(Fanuc) kw 1.8/1.8/2.5 2.5/2.5/2.5 X-Y-Z motor(Mitsubishi) kw 2/2/3 2/2/3 X-Y-Z Rapid travel m/min 36/36/30 36/36/20 X-Y-Z Cutting feed rate m/min 10 - ATC System ATC type.   Arm type Arm type Magazine capacity pcs 24T 24T Max.tool diameter Ø(mm) Ø100 Ø100 Max.tool length mm 200 300 Max.tool weight kgs 8 - Rail Type Rail Type - 3-axes Boxways 3-axes Boxways Dimensions&others Power consumption KVA 15 - Air pressure required kfg/CM² 6 - Floor occupation cm 306x310 - Machine weights kg 5800 -   • All specifications&design are subject to change without prior notice.
Tapping and Drilling Machine
A space-saving, high-precision and high-performance two pallets change. APC series with automatic pallet change can be applied to do complex machining such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming and facing operations etc. Automatic Pallet Changers directly on the base; easy to install, good water resistance and to avoid waste of space. APC (Automatic Pallet Changers) is best choice for precious modular production and product accuracy and machining high speed requirements MODEL UNIT APC500 APC600 Table Table size mm 600x400 * 2 pcs 700x500 * 2 pcs T slots mm 14x3x125 14x3x125 Travel X/Y/Z - axis travel mm 500/400/300 600/400/300 Spindle nose to table surface mm 130~430 130~430 Spindle center to column mm 410 410 Spindle Spindle taper - BT-30 BT-30 Spindle speed kg @250 * 2 pcs @250 * 2 pcs Transmission rpm Direct Driving / 1000 Direct Driving / 1000 Spindle motor kw 3.7/5.5 3.7/5.5 Feed X-Y-Z motor(Fanuc) kw 1.2/1.2/2.8 1.2/1.2/2.8 X-Y-Z motor(Mitsubishi) kw 1.5/1.5/2.0 1.5/1.5/2.0 X-Y-Z Rapid travel m/min 48/48/36 48/48/36 Rail Type Rail Type - X,Y - Linearway, Z-Boxway X,Y - Linearway, Z-Boxway ATC System Magazine type - Turret Type Turret Type Tool no. pcs 14T 14T Max.tool length mm 200 200 Max.tool weight kg 3 3 Tool to tool change time sec 1.8 1.8   • All specifications&design are subject to change without prior notice.  
CNC Machine 4th Axis Preparation (w/o servo motor & driver)
CNC Machine Optional Parts 4th Axis Preparation (w/o servo motor & driver)

About Us

TAIWAN WINNERSTECH MACHINERY CO., LTD. is one of the leading brands of vertical machining center at full range of specification, was established as a job-shop in 1992 in a small town in Taiwan Taichung. For over 22 years expertise in the field of doing, with spirits of “Pursuing Excellence & Winning Respect”, “The quality is our life & dignity ”! The consistency persistence is WINNER’s foundation of management and localization, a motive helps us to become a little better everyday – being passionate & enjoying work. That drives us in researching & developing continuously.

In 2002, WINNER has won-over the market by the first machine, “Super Drill & Tapping Center”, features a rugged cast iron construction with Turret type ATC, indexing mechanism, ball screw, cartridge type spindles, high speed federate & repeatability accuracy, combine with high-torque motors that ensure vibration-free and high accuracy during heavy cutting operations.

WINNER continues to develop a full range of Vertical Machining Center sizing from 500mm, 650mm, 850mm, 1000mm up to 1900mm X-axis travel.
The reinforced structure with special wide increased on the base of column.
Applicable with 3 axes hard track box-way, Japanese made precision heavy loading linear guide-way, Box ways on Z-axis/ linear guide ways on X/Y axes. Even with options to 4 box-ways structure, ultimately upgraded absorption of vibration. Thereby to assure the maximum rigidity and stability during heavy cutting ultimately in order to fulfill customers’ requirements.

Currently, our branded machines are successfully introduced into the markets of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan & Korea, with proven reputation. WINNER Group provides each individual, end-users & dealer with high efficiency ethic & level of commitment service, you would expect and more.